The Little Creeks and Rough Fescue Appreciation Society (LCARF) is a registered, non-profit society established in 2011. LCARF is interested in understanding and managing the health and function of Horse Creek. LCARF collaborates with watershed residents and stakeholders to better understand water and land resources.

LCARF is building on activity initiated by the Three Creeks Watershed Partnership (2007) which held meetings with residents and stakeholders to determine interests in watershed management planning. Stakeholders in the Horse Creek watershed requested that resources be directed toward water monitoring rather than a planning project. Due to budget constraints, this water monitoring program did not take place. LCARF successfully raised funds to accomplish the first year of water monitoring at Horse Creek and to complete a fisheries assessment in 2012.

The Horse Creek water monitoring program will provide insight on watershed resources and assist with future planning in the watershed.

Maintain water quality in Horse Creek for aquatic life, livestock drinking water, irrigation and contact recreation through local stewardship action.